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Wing and a prayer came from a WWII song.......You’re in a desperate situation and you’re relying on hope to get you home. A famous American World War II patriotic song, with words by Harold Adamson and music by Jimmy McHugh. It tells the tale of a plane struggling home after a bombing raid. We at "A Wing and a Prayer Animal Rescue of Long Island" care for our animals just like the song says, our animals are in a desperate situation and we rely on hope to see our animals find a good home.

We are actually a very small group of individuals devoted to the rescue of homeless animals. Through our combined efforts, we provide a community program of TNR(Trap/Neuter/Return) of feral cats. This involves the humane trapping and sterilizing of feral(wild) cats so that they do not continue to reproduce. These cats are released after neutering to the territory they are familiar with. They are then free to live out their lives without adding to an already overburdened, overpopulated feline situation. Through these tireless efforts, we hope to drastically reduce the amount of unwanted kittens in and around our communities. As a direct result of this program, we will also rescue and foster any kitten that is young enough to be socialized until it is ready for adoption. All of our rescued animals are brought to the vet for an exam, spay/neuter, vaccinations,and testing prior to adoption. Our volunteers are unpaid and for the most part all have full time jobs outside of their rescue efforts. While rescue truly is rewarding, our days and nights are filled with tireless and exhausting efforts that sometimes take a lot of time away from our own families. We literally get through every day "on a wing and a prayer". We pride ourselves on being an important and involved part of our community. In doing so, we strive to address every distress call that we receive. Your contributions are so greatly appreciated and necessary to help keep us afloat. Without your help, we cannot continue to do what we do! Please give generously. Thank you!


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PETSMART of Port Jefferson Station, Port Plaza, Route 112, Port Jefferson Station NY 11776